2020 at ICS : 5 Students Share their Experiences

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2020 at ICS has been momentous. We started 2020 in high-spirit but, in March, we had to close down because of the pandemic. Nonetheless, we believe our Future Leaders have so much to talk about when it comes to 2020.

Whether good or bad, we had to listen to our students on their experiences at ICS in 2020. We asked five students to share their views and, this is what they said.

2020 at ICS has been Splendid

2020 at ics

2020 at ICS has been a very splendid one mainly because I’m grateful for my life, and that of those around me. Seeing them alive and well makes me happy. Merry Christmas and may this Christmas bring great joy to every home.

Victoria .A. Tawiah, Year 13

2020 has been hard: But I’m Hopeful

2020 at ics

Just like every case, this year has been hard. But the fact that I am alive makes me hopeful for the future. Being lively also gives me great joy to be able to celebrate this Christmas with my family.

Rhys Ayodo Mich, Year 13

2020 at ICS has been a rollercoaster.

2020 has been a lot. I don’t even know where to start. To define 2020 in a single word, I’d say a rollercoaster.

Nana Akua Nkansah, Year 13

New Year, New Healthy Lifestyle

2020 at ICS

This year will go on record as the year I started getting in shape. I used the time I had on my hands during quarantine to get in shape. I bought new gym equipment this year. It’s my hope that I will continue this lifestyle, make use of the sports equipment on campus in 2021.

Frank Yaw Ansu, Year 11

2020 Has been a “Strange” Year

2020 at ics

2020 has been a really “strange” year. We have been home for months which also affect my academic life. It has been demanding since we started the online class, from Internet connectivity problems and issues with gadgets.

As we’re back in school, I’m looking forward to a better situation as I work hard and harder.

Nasira Muftawu, Year 11

We are hopeful for 2021. To our Future Leaders, we can’t wait to see you on our Campuses. Thank you for sharing your 2020 at ICS experience with us.

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