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Students that demonstrated exceptional responsibility in the month of September were rewarded with certificates by the school.

As part of our Character First Education Programme, students were schooled on the attributes of a responsible person and to take responsibility for their thoughts and actions. They were tasked to demonstrate in school and at home, their responsibilities as future leaders.

Students were monitored and given points for their general conduct in the classrooms, dining hall, during school gatherings, on the school bus and their handling of school property.

At home, parents recorded videos and photos of various actions taken by their wards to demonstrate responsible behavior and shared with the school.

The students also came up with songs and poems about responsibility and we couldn’t help but dance to the song written and performed by Year 6 Sage at the East Legon Campus.

Congratulations to all our award winners, the entire student body for their commitment to the campaign and our immense appreciation to parents for supporting us.



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