School Activities

ICS kids want to be the best students they can, the best athletes they can, the best artists they can, the best musicians they can, and early on they realize that one of the best, most enjoyable ways to attain all that success is to be the best friends they can.

There are more than 30 clubs, student publications, community service organizations, and music and performance ensembles at ICS.

Run by students of all class years, a sample of clubs and organizations include:

  • Book Club
  • Chess Club
  • Christian Fellowship
  • Computer Club
  • Dinner Club
  • French Club
  • Gospel Choir (SWITCH)
  • ICS Television (ICSTV)
  • Investment Club
  • Math Club
  • Science Club
  • Students for Environmental Awareness (SEA)
  • Music Lessons as an Extracurricular Activity
  • ICS FootPrint (Newsletter and Magazine)
  • The Whipping Post (Alternative Student Newspaper)
  • Rain on the Needy
  • Baraza
  • Student Government
  • Student-Faculty Council (Stu-Fac)
  • Round Square
  • Design for Change

Training tomorrow’s leaders today

Round Square


Round Square is a UK registered charity that promotes in young people a commitment, beyond academic merit, to personal growth and responsibility through service to others and through practical, experiential learning. It aims to help students prepare for life by having them face it head-on and experience it in ways that demand courage, generosity, imagination, principle and resolution.

Round Square schools share an educational philosophy based on the teachings of Kurt Hahn, which supports the growth of the “whole person”. This philosophy is based upon the Round Square “IDEALS”: Internationalism, Democracy, Environment, Adventure, Leadership and Service. The common goal is to develop every learner into a whole person by enveloping these ideals through interaction with a diversity of learners from different countries and cultures.

Currently Round Square works with more than a hundred member schools worldwide representing a student body of about 60,000 and a teacher/management workforce force of around 5,000.

Round Square is governed by a Board under the Presidency of His Majesty King Constantine of Greece. Patrons of the organisation include the Canadian human rights activist Craig Kielburger and the late Nelson Mandela.

ICS-G has been affiliated with Round Square since 2009 and became a global member in 2013.