Enrichment Programmes

ICS Student Exchange Programme


With a global network of schools in Round Square, there are vast opportunities available to our students for international exchange.

Our students have the opportunity to spend two weeks of their summer break at schools in the US, UK, Germany, Australia, South Africa, France and many others.

Each year, ICS also welcomes students from overseas to explore and experience our culture and campus life, exchange knowledge with our students and create life-long bonds with families in Ghana.

US Summer Tour


During the summer break, our students and staff have the opportunity to travel and explore both cultural and higher educational opportunities in the US, other parts of Africa, Europe and Asia.

Summer School


Our Summer school offers an unforgettable experience to studnets on and off campus through academic workshops, excursions, sports and other recreational activities.

Through Robotics, Coding, Maths Tutorials, Creative Writing, Creative Arts, Performing Arts, Public Speaking, Swimming Lessons, Soccer, Tennis etc., participants are engaged in fun, creative and stimulating learning experiences all summer.

Our programmes is designed for ages 2 – 18 years and is run between one to six weeks from 8:00am – 3:00pm on week days from July – August.

Registration opens in March and it is open to non-ICS students

ICS Africa Immersion Programme


The ICS Africa Immersion Programme broadens students’ understanding of their role as a global citizens by offering a cross-cultural learning experience in Ghana and other parts of Africa. Under the programme, students from across the world learn more about the continent by spending either a semester, a year or the summer holidays at our Accra or Kumasi campuses, learning and exploring the African culture within and outside the school.

Our programme offers an opportunity to learn a local language, play an African musical instrument, live with African families, study with other Africans, visit historical tourists sites, and so many more exciting and remarkable experiences.

Participants also get the opportunity to visit other African countries where they can spend part of the learning period with sister schools through our Round Square affiliation.