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As part of our character-building program to help address character-based issues in the school and at home, the month of September was declared “Responsibility Month” for developing learners who are RESPONSIBLE.

In line with the above, during Citizenship lessons, Chapel and Class Meetings, learners were taken through the meaning of responsibility (Taking ownership of thoughts, words, and actions) and the attributes of a responsible person (know what’s expected, keep my commitments, do my best, not make excuses and correct my mistakes).

Teachers discussed with learners, their responsibility at home as sons, daughters, brothers or sisters. The project for every weekend of month was for learners to show responsibility in the roles mentioned.

Parents were informed and engaged to provide evidence of their ward(s) displaying a role of responsibility by snapping a picture and posting it on the class platform for the school to celebrate responsible students accordingly.

Our students did not disappoint and neither did parents!

Below are some of the photos received by the school.

We are so proud of the efforts put in by our students to show responsibility and to parents for supporting the school to train tomorrow’s leaders with good character traits.

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