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Dear Parent/ Guardians,

Only 16 Schools excluding ICS, are licensed to run the Cambridge Program in Ghana

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Setting the Record Straight

The press release and subsequent information in the dailies about the information above is very unfortunate.

Let us set the record straight

NaSIA does NOT license schools to run the Cambridge program. That is done by Cambridge alone, and we have sent messages to parents with a link to the Cambridge University website, showing them that we are duly and validly accredited to run the Cambridge program. Kindly check from the Cambridge website our accreditation status among others below:

ICS Accra: https://www.cambridgeinternational.org/why-chooseus/find-a-cambridgeschool/?Location=Ghana&City=Accra

ICS Kumasi: https://www.cambridgeinternational.org/why-chooseus/find-a-cambridgeschool/?Location=Ghana&City=Kumasi

NaSIA since 2020, is rather the authority that licenses schools to operate in Ghana

There have been disagreements between NaSIA and international curricular schools on what license fees to charge since last year

All schools used to pay 300 cedis a year to GES for license renewal

NaSIA increased the license renewal fees to almost 15,000 for international schools, while other private schools were asked to pay 800 cedis. The international curricular schools said that was unfair and too much, and this was in the midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic when schools were even operating from home

Both immediate, past and current Ministers for Education have all tried to help resolve the matter but NaSIA’s administration is yet to follow the recommendation and fully dialogue this out with the international curricular schools to come up with an appropriate and acceptable license fees

Last year, International Community School paid a little over GHC 8,000.00 to NaSIA, up from 300 each for our two campuses in Kumasi and Accra (that’s up from 600 cedis we used to pay to GES for both campues), pending final resolution of the matter. We beileve most schools did the same, although few decided to pay the full amount, which is within their rights

The International Curricular Schools, including International Community School are prepared to pay the required fees for licensing but only ask that, it should be reasonable and fair

As a member of the NaSIA board, it is in my interest to see that NaSIA raises the money it needs for its work. I am confident that the current impasse will soon be addressed by NaSIA board working with the Minister for Education. In the end, I expect all schools to come onboard and pay the required license fees

In the meantime, please ignore the press release, messages in dailies and the confusion they have created.

Thank You

ICS Management

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