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    Cambridge International Diploma for Teachers and Educational leaders (at Professional Level) from the University of Cambridge (CIE), UK and Accredited by UCL, Institute of Education ranked number one for education worldwide in the QS World University rankings.

    1. Candidate Profile


    a.Present Institution/Organization

    b. Residential Address

    3. Work Experience

    Professional Experience (for the past 5 years only)

    Work 1

    Work 2

    Work 2

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    Qualifications from first degree onwards

    Qualification 1

    Qualification 2

    Qualification 3

    5.Getting to Know your More

    6.Please read the terms and conditions given below

    * Terms and conditions are liable to change. However changes if any will come into effect only on completion of your cohort cycle. (For details regarding cohort cycle, please refer to pre-course material or speak to Programme Leader).

    Terms and Conditions:

    1. If required for inspection purposes, the Centre reserves the right to check the details you have entered in the enrolment form and ask for evidence.
    2. Course fee are:
    GH¢3,200 for certificate level per participant in 2 instalments
    GH¢7,215 for diploma level per candidate in 3 instalments
    Fee includes registration, course material and delivery, online learning support, external assessment and certification by CIE. Fees not paid as per schedule will attract late fees.
    3. Fees once paid will not be refunded. However, registration is valid for three years from the date of payment of first instalment of fees.
    4. If candidates do not complete all the requirements of the diploma for the final certification within their cohort cycle (12 months from the date of their registration) they can do so within 2 years by paying the difference in fee (if any) as applicable at that time.
    5. Candidates, who fail in a module, can resubmit their assignments on payment of resubmission fee to CIE as applicable at that time.
    6. Lost certificates will NOT be replaced by CIE. Only a certifying statement will be issued on payment of a fee.
    7. The Centre reserves the right to withhold submission of assignments to CIE of candidates who have not fulfilled the diploma requirements as per required standards / not paid their fees as per given schedule.
    8. All our communication will be with the candidates unless specified otherwise. It is the responsibility of sponsored candidates to keep their sponsors informed of all the relevant terms and conditions.
    9. Candidates can request a result enquiry if they consider that a published module result is incorrect. All such requests must be made on a Result Enquiry Form and must be accompanied by the relevant enquiry fee. In case you wish to make such an enquiry, please contact our Programme Leader for help.
    10. Once you have received Faculty approval, You can register for the upcoming Cohort by paying GH¢500 and reserve your seat. This amount will be adjusted against the first instalment of fees. Please note that this will be considered as non-refundable registration fee. It can be transferred to the subsequent cohort only. However, if the cohort does not happen for any reason beyond our control, the Centre shall refund the amount.


    8.Write Briefly

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