Reasons to Go to a Boarding School

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There are several reasons to go to a boarding school. The academics, after school activities, extracurricular activities are just a few reasons. Here are the 5 top reasons why you should go to a boarding school.

5. You will get to live away from home

It is never easy to live the comfort of your home. But isn’t it more advisable to make a move a few years before University? Certainly yes! At the boarding school, you will get to experience life, learning how to cope with its high and low points within a community of your peers who are going through the same things as you. All of this is happening under the watchful eye of boarding house tutors who are also mentors.

4. Reasons to Go to A Boarding School: You will learn to be responsible for yourself

reasons to go to a boarding school

One of the reasons to go to a Boarding school is, you will learn to be responsible for yourself. At the boarding school, you have to learn to get along with others because it’s a community. Because you’re bound by an honour or code of conduct of the School, you will learn to be responsible for your actions.

3. You get to spend more time with your mentors

The impact of a teacher that mentors are immense. Students spend the majority of their time with teachers. Teachers can be mentors. A teacher’s first priority may be instruction – but they can recognize and foster individuality, creativity and become mentors in their own right. As a boarding school student, you get the opportunity to spend valuable time with your mentors even after school hours. In the boarding houses, school mentors are resident on campus and this is a huge advantage for students who stay on campus.

reasons to go to a boarding school
An ICS Staff mentoring a student

2. You get to Learn a new language (and practice some)

As said early on, the boarding house is made up of a community of students. Students from different backgrounds. And this gives students the chance to learn and practice other languages. Studying overseas already means speaking a different language. Now, imagine sharing your day-to-day with students, teachers and officers from different nationalities. International class and roommates will teach you the basics to impress your family back home with many other languages.

1. Reasons to go to a Boarding School: Fewer Distractions, More studying

Students, if you want to take your studies seriously, then boarding school is the right choice for you. Boarding school like ICS provides study halls with every weeknight with tutors and staff available to tutor and help you with your studies. The boarding house environment provides fewer distractions and helps you to focus on what’s really important – to learn and pass your tests.   According to a study done by TABS (The Association of Boarding Schools), 91% of boarding students said their school was academically challenging compared to 70% of private day students and 50% of public school students. You can find the results of this study on their website, here

reasons to go to a boarding school


Maybe boarding house isn’t for you. Hopefully, these points will help you understand the full benefits of coming to the boarding house. For further clarifications on how ICS ghana helps students especially students in our boarding house, send a message to our admissions office.

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