Covid-19: How Are Students in Ghana Coping? 4 Students tell their stories.

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Covid-19: How are students in Ghana coping?

Covid-19: How are students in Ghana coping? Globally, more than 130 countries have now closed schools nationwide as the world battles COVID-19. This in effect, has impacted nearly 90% of students worldwide. The world has never seen these many children out of school at the same time.

We asked ourselves, in the midst of Covid-19; How are students in Ghana coping? Learn how ICS Ghana students who are part of the students worldwide affected by this new change, stay positive in this time of uncertainty.

Elgiva Mawunyo Esi Amuzu, Upper Six

Covid-19: How are Students in Ghana Coping

To be able to have a full grasp of what’s been taught in the virtual school, you have to equip yourself with study tools. In every class that I join, I make sure to have my highlighters around. Anytime I join online class, I bring along to my study area colour sticky notes and learning cards too.

I’m part of the School choir and being at home doesn’t mean I can’t continue to train my voice. I make pneumonic that match my singing abilities.

On the downside, learning from home creates a learning environment which makes learning goals not easily attainable.

Nana Adwoa Sipi Awotwe, Upper Six

Covid-19: How are Students in Ghana Coping

I make sure some materials I need to learn are in different forms; as in videos, flowchart and mind maps.

The online classes can be stressful and sometimes tiring so I have a timetable created. I have regulated the classes along with my timetable, as a result, I get time to relax in between classes. I have a working area and colour-coded my notes to make sure I learn important things quickly and easily.

Samuel Aninkorah Ampofo, Upper Six

Through the submission of works and assignment through Google classroom, I learn more about technology every day.

Taking part in ICS Virtual School has been good because the virtual school allows me to learn in the comfort of my home. As a result, I’m relieved of stress and all forms of pressure that the school environment might have brought. For instance, I am not burdened by any difficult tasks.

Maame Yaa Fosuaah Owusu, Upper Six

Covid-19: How are Students in Ghana Coping

Studying online gives me more flexibility because I can work, and at the same time, fit my hobbies as well. When I join a class, I choose my preferred learning environment. An environment that works best for my needs as an Upper Six student. I love the fact that I can even run the treadmill at home whiles listening to my teacher. This is so awesome!

How are you coping at home? Do you get the time to learn? Do you wish to be back in school? Share your story with us on Social Media, using the hashtag #ICSRemoteLearning

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