Magdalene Nantwi of ICS Ghana Wins 2020 Earth Day Competition

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One of our future leaders, Magdalene Nantwi of Year 13 has made us proud. Miss Nantwi came up in the top three of the National 2020 Earth Day Video Competition in the high school category.

She came in second in the competition which called for an Original Poem. Students could also submit a Song or Rap Educating People about Forest Conservation and Climate Change.

Magdalene Nantwi is a Year 13 student of ICS Ghana, Pakyi campus .

magdalene nantwi

Magdalene Nantwi wrote and recited an inspiring poem that highlighted the seriousness of the level of degradation going on around the world.

Above all her poem also highlighted the importance of tending to the future of the planet, and the urgent need for everyone to help protect the earth’s ecosystem.

All entries were judged on poise and diction, persuasiveness, and the soundness of arguments.

Watch Magdalene Nantwi’s recital here on our YouTube Channel

The Earth Day Ghana 2020 Video Contest was organized by the West Africa Biodiversity and Climate Change Program. In partnership with the Ghana Wildlife Division, A Rocha Ghana, and Kali Etch!

Congratulations, Magdalene!

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